Six Key Ways Efinity Brings New Opportunities to the Enjin NFT Ecosystem!

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Enjin strives to redefine what non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can do.

Across nearly all industries, Enjin envisions a future in which NFTs define the value of digital and physical products.

In order to make this a reality, we need to upgrade the infrastructure on which they are created, used, and traded.

A user of today’s apps expects that they can pick up an app, use it without reading an instruction manual, and receive instant gratification upon doing so.

That’s where Efinity and the Paratoken Standard come in.

With these solutions, NFTs will be able to float across blockchains, ecosystems, apps, and marketplaces, creating a seamless user experience for everyone, everywhere.

Speed and scalability will also play a key role in NFTs’ widespread adoption in a world of real-time feedback from the mainstream apps we use every day.

The Efinity platform will allow NFTs to flow seamlessly into games and apps, with Enjin Coin (ENJ) and Efinity Token (EFI) as the utility and governance tokens that will allow participants to shape, mould, and optimize the network.

EFI and ENJ, A Perfect Synergy
EFI & ENJ working together

EFI & ENJ: A Perfect Synergy

Enjin Coin is the lifeblood of our ecosystem; it runs through every NFT as they move across its apps, marketplaces, and wallets.

We’ve designed ENJ and EFI to work in unison, each serving a core purpose within the Enjin NFT ecosystem:

  • ENJ: Used to infuse digital assets like NFTs. Every asset minted contains ENJ, giving it residual value, which can be retrieved through “melting” at any time.
  • EFI: As the first paratoken on the Efinity network, EFI is designed to pay for transaction fees and facilitate liquidity, community rewards, and governance.

6 Ways ENJ & EFI Work Together

Efinity brings new opportunities to the Enjin community, from ENJ holders and NFT collectors, to the wide range of games, apps, and businesses using NFTs to create next-generation experiences for their users.

Here are six key ways ENJ and EFI work together in the Enjin NFT ecosystem:

Affordable NFT Transactions

EFI is used to pay for the low-cost transactions to move your Enjin-powered NFTs on the network.

Unlike other networks where fees are paid fully to network administrators (miners and nodes), Efinity’s transaction fees are used to maintain governance, nominate efficient network administrators, and encourage active participation in the network.

Collator Nomination

By attributing ENJ to nodes (in Efinity terminology, “collators”), Enjin Coin holders can nominate the most efficient and stable nodes that run the blockchain and earn EFI rewards for participating in collator selection.

  • Initial Collator Nomination Rewards: Efinity invites ENJ holders to use the network and drive collator (node) nomination. 15% of the total supply of EFI is reserved for collator nomination pools. ENJ holders are NFT early adopters who bring valuable activity to Efinity, and ensuring the most reliable collators maintain Efinity is central to the network.
  • Nominating via NFTs: In addition to ENJ holders, holders of ENJ-infused NFTs may also nominate collators. This encourages the minting of Enjin-powered NFTs for use on Efinity.
  • Ongoing Collator Nomination Rewards: Part of Efinity’s network fees, marketplace commissions, cross-chain bridging tolls, and smart contract fees will go toward community rewards. Users will receive rewards and rebates for participation: nominating collators, infusing ENJ into NFTs for use on the network, and initiating transactions to trade and discover NFTs.

Governance By The Community

Efinity is a decentralized network governed by the community. Every EFI hodler can submit and vote on proposals and help steer the future of the network. ENJ holders who are rewarded for their participation in collator nomination, can they use their EFI to also participate in governance.

Efinity NFT Marketplace

ENJ and NFTs can continue to be used in the Efinity marketplace and other applications, since the tokens remain in your address on Efinity. If it’s transferred or melted, staked ENJ will be automatically un-staked.

Fueling Next Generation Innovation

Over 1.14 billion digital assets have already been created with ENJ.

Every single one of them will benefit from the low costs, speed, and next-generation features of Efinity, such as crafting and fuel tanks.

JumpNet Fee-Free Blockchain

EFI also unlocks utility on Enjin JumpNet, a fee-free blockchain. Holding EFI on JumpNet (JEFI) increases your transaction limits, so you can continue enjoying instant, free NFT and ENJ token transfers on-chain.

To Efinity and Beyond

“More than a blockchain, Efinity is also an idea, a movement, a vision of a future where digital worlds are free, decentralized, open, and accessible to everyone, everywhere.”

— Maxim Blagov, Enjin CEO

The work of our lifetimes is the Great Digital Build.

As we build on the edge of technology, Efinity is the highway leading us to an advanced, open digital asset economy where new virtual worlds begin—and that road starts in the Enjin community.

Let’s go.

Efinity Development Update

Optimized batch & storage operations will allow up to 40 million NFTs to be minted or transferred in 1 transaction/block

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