DFY NFT By Avantgarde. Use an AI-Powered Generator To Mint Your Own Token!

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Interesting AvantGarde project at Decentraland’s Metaverse. The AvantGarde showroom is also a cool concept. Once a vistor enters the room, they are greeted by an AI robot. 
There is a popup information guide explaining how it all works. Here you learn about minting DIY artwork using an unique art generator. It will definitely be a new art experience for the visitor with DIY NFT minting. In the room, the visitor can also browse additional billboards in the room to learn more.


DIY NFT AvantGarde
Courtesy of AvantGarde

Table of Contents – DIY AvantGarde Mint

  • How exactly did this unique concept begin?
  • How does AvantGarde operate today?
  • What can visitors expect at the new launch at Art Week?
  • Which artists would be featured?
  • What will the Avant Garde Gallery in Decentraland look like in five years?
  • The AvantGarde NFT Gallery/Generator is now open!


How exactly did this unique concept begin for Avantgarde?

The AvantGarde project started back in 2017 as an experiment about machine learning image processing, resulting in generative abstract art and unique concepts. We started by generating an initial unique artwork collection based on users’ Twitter IDs. Additionally, we created a Tweet bot that generated personal pieces of art for each Twitter handle that followed our Twitter account. We intended to understand the value impact of a unique piece of AI art on the market. Based on this concept, we decided to create an additional collection of art objects that would be generated according to unique Ethereum wallet addresses and would be minted as NFTs. This is how AvantGarde was born. Due to our intention to go further in assessing the value of these artworks, we decided to make the tokens mintable and burnable.


How does AvantGarde operate today?

The team is multidisciplinary, consisting of complementary artists such as painters, 2D/3D designers and music producers, developers such as blockchain developers, and front-end developers. Our mission is to democratize blockchain technology. Therefore, we aim to continue our research and experimentations in such areas as AI (artificial intelligence), machine learning, blockchain, IPFS, token standards (ERC721, ERC1155), smart contracts, proof of concept, demand and supply, and many more.


What can visitors expect at the new launch at Art Week?

Our gallery is not the usual type of gallery. It is an interactive space, an artwork exhibition where users can mint their unique pieces of art. It’s best described as an art generator, where anyone can generate unique art pieces. Ultimately, visitors discover a new type of artwork based on deep learning. They can visit the space and generate a unique piece of art in the metaverse, access the exclusive VIP club area, and share with other members of the AvantGardist community. Creating a place where we showcase our unique artworks and gather the community has always been of utmost importance to us.

Which artists would be featured?

Simply, the artist that we would feature is our AI that is producing unique images.


What will the Avant Garde Gallery in Decentraland look like in five years?

We want the space to become a melting pot, unifying people around innovation, art, and uniqueness concepts. Our aspiration for the gallery is to become a place of experimentation and creation where new projects will be featured. We will collaborate with artists and host creative and innovative events. Our aim was, is, and always will be to offer, at all times, a novel experience for our visitors linking art, blockchain, NFTs, and potentially concepts that don’t even exist right now.

Below is where you can join the NFT Gallery Generator experience at Decentraland!


The AvantGarde NFT Gallery/Generator is now open

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