Huge Play to Earn Billboards Ads by Playdapp at NFT.NY Conference!

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At the NFT.NY convention in early November, PlayDapp’s “play to earn” advertising campaign in Times Square, New York, attracted worldwide attention. The PlayDapp’s P2E electronic campaign covered 1,081 square meters by filling up all 4 screens of the ‘One Times Square Electronic Billboard’.

PlayDapp attended the four-day NFT.NYC Conference in New York from November 1st to November 4th. PlayDapp presented on NFT interoperability.

Their advertisement campaign was displayed on the electronic displays of the “One Times Square” building in Times Square.

This iconic building, which is 25 stories tall with a 111-meter height, is also home to a New Year’s ‘Countdown’ and ‘Ball Drop’ event. One of the most iconic landmarks in Times Square, where more than 130 million tourists gather every year.

PlayDapp attended the four-day NFT.NYC Conference in New York from November 1st to November 4th. PlayDapp presented on NFT interoperability. 

Learn more about PlayDapp Advertising Play to Earn on Huge Billboards at the NFT.NY Conference, in the PlayDapp November Newsletter.


■ PlayDapp’s large-scale advertisements bring color to Times Square in New York

In early November, ‘PlayDapp’, a blockchain game service platform, presented an advertisement campaign that filled Times Square’s iconic billboards while attending ‘NFT.NYC’, the world’s largest non-fungible token conference held in New York, USA. The advertisement used all four screens of the ‘One Times Square’. In the advertisement, ‘Are you Ready? Play to Earn! The phrase ‘PlayDapp’ was inserted to symbolize the pouring of PlayDapp tokens (PLA, PLA) from a height of 111 meters. This is interpreted as meaning ‘make money while playing’ through P2E games serviced by PlayDapp. [More]

On November 4th (New York, USA), PlayDapp Business Manager Sang Chung participated as a speaker at the world’s largest non-fungible token (NFT) conference ‘NFT.NYC’ held at the Palladium, Times Square in New York. On this day, Sang Chung, Head of PlayDapp Business, explained the interoperability of game items using blockchain and the impact of the Play to One (P2E) model on the game, focusing on the P2E case of Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn.

PlayDapp at the NFT.NY Conference | NFT News Today

“‘Along with the Gods: Knights of Dawn’ to which PlayDapp, which applied the P2E model on the 27th October, is receiving a lot of attention in Southeast Asia and Latin America,” Chung said. “As a result, DAU (Daily Active Users) increased 1,507% and in-game sales increased 2,239%.”

We need to pay attention to the growth potential of the P2E model, which has become a global trend, said Sang Chung, head of PlayDapp Business. “We hope other game developers will also face new business opportunities that have not been experienced in the legacy game environment through PlayDapp’s SDK and P2E business models.” Meanwhile, PlayDapp is drawing keen attention by applying a P2E model that provides up to 5 PLA as a daily reward when a user who plays with God stakes the PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFT and performs a daily mission, and provides up to 5,000 PLA as a reward depending on the results of the weekly PVP tournament. [More]

■ PlayDapp joins forces with ITSB and NAVER Cloud’s “GamePot”

PlayDapp has signed a joint business contract with ITSB to expand the blockchain game ecosystem. Through this contract, the two companies plan to actively advance into the North American market through the ITSB US branch recently established in Irvine, California, as well as in Korea.

In particular, PlayDapp will supply ‘blockchain plug-ins’ specialized for blockchain game services to GamePot, and NaverCloud and ITSB will introduce blockchain plug-in services within GamePot. ITSB actively encourages the introduction of blockchain technology for 50 domestic developers using game pods such as Ragnarok and RohanM, and further strengthens the expansion of the blockchain game ecosystem by targeting the North American market with a high understanding of blockchain games.

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